Boy Meets World: The Complete Sixth Season

Well, they’re back! Cory (Ben Savage), Topanga (Danielle Fishel), Shawn (Rider Strong), Eric (Will Friedle), Jack (Matthew Lawrence), Angela (Trina McGee-Davis) and Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) have all returned for season six of the beloved 90s sitcom, “Boy Meets World”. Now, the gang is in their freshman year at Pennbrook University where a whole new set of problems and hilarity await them. All 22 episodes of the sixth season are now available on DVD in this lovely 3-disc set.

When we last left them, Topanga had proposed to a surprised Cory at their high school graduation. The season ended and we, the audience were left wondering what was to become of the cute couple from Philadelphia. Now, Cory is dealing with the idea of marriage, Eric and Jack get a new roommate in the form of an attractive 6-foot tall redhead named Rachel (Maitland Ward) for whom they soon start competing.

Other stories and issues presented in this season include Mr. Feeny’s temporary retirement and eventual return to teaching, relationships, friendship, keeping secrets, feeling “average” and inadequate, not being yourself, sexual harassment, expulsion, poetry, popularity, Christmas spirit, midlife crises, anger, fear, death, ghosts, romantic compatibility, living together, road trips, Valentine’s Day, pregnancy, baby showers, premature birth complications, bribery, adoption, height, nightmares, psychotic roommates and marriage separation.

This season is certainly very busy. All of the characters experience trials, tribulations and sometimes adventure in each episode. They each exhibit their own personality and add their unique brand of humor to each situation. Cory, the boy who has met and continues to meet the world is now a man. We have been following this young explorer since he was in the sixth grade. He is now in his first year of college and much has changed. The one constant however is his love and devotion to his friends and family.

The cast and acting in Boy Meets World is what had sustained it for so many seasons. Ben Savage is the star and his neurotic, innocent and sometimes heroic portrayal of Cory is quite endearing. Danielle Fishel plays his fiancé Topanga with quirky sexiness. Rider Strong plays Cory’s childhood friend who stands by him every step of the way. Will Friedle often steals the show as Eric, Cory’s older dimwitted brother. Matthew Lawrence portrays Jack, Shawn’s long lost brother. Trina McGee-Davis plays Angela, Shawn’s on again/off again girlfriend. There’s William Daniels whose character of Mr. Feeny is one of television history’s wisest and most trusted mentors. Finally, newbie Maitland Ward rounds out the cast as Rachel, Eric and Jack’s new roommate and object of their affection.

Not only is the cast terrific in Boy Meets World but so is the writing. With each episode, there is an absolutely wonderful story. The premises allow the characters to travel to different places both physically and emotionally. The audience really gets a sense that these characters aren’t just characters but people, vulnerable flesh and blood human beings who tend to get hurt. One episode in particular, Everybody Loves Stuart, tackles the issue of sexual harassment in the teacher-student relationship. Fred Savage, Ben’s older brother of The Wonder Years-fame plays a seemingly sweet and charming professor named Stuart who comes on to Topanga in her dorm room. Cory finds out about this and later assaults Stuart. This then snowballs into a potential expulsion for Cory. This episode was so well done both writing and acting-wise that it is probably one of the most memorable Boy Meets World episodes ever made.

Boy Meets World: The Complete Sixth Season is chock-full of zany humor and tender emotion. This mix of comedy and drama is the perfect recipe for a truly acclaimed sitcom. Every Friday night, audiences were treated to a half hour of fun, excitement, heart and sometimes tears. Very few shows throughout the 90s managed to instill laughter and sadness sometimes in the very same episode. That is why Boy Meet World is a truly special show. It blended varied emotions and presented stories in a way that were identifiable and entertaining to not just young people but to all audiences.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, the bonus features for Boy Meets World: The Complete Sixth Season are nonexistent.

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