Growing Pains: The Complete Second Season

The ‘80s were a great time for television. Many humorous sitcoms were produced during that decade. One in particular you probably watched when you were younger was Growing Pains. The show revolved around the Seavers, a middle-class American family from Long Island who would get into moral dilemmas every week only to be resolved in the span of 30 minutes or so. Now, the complete second season is yours to own on DVD.

Alan Thicke stars as Dr. Jason Seaver, a caring psychiatrist who works at home. Joanna Kerns plays his loving and faithful wife, Maggie. They have three children, troublemaker Mike (Kirk Cameron), bookish Carol (Tracey Gold), and youngster Ben (Jeremy Miller). Each episode features one or more of these characters falling into some sort of predicament. Some of these scenarios and topics include aging, dating, sex, employment, dress codes, the homeless, lying, relatives, drugs, puberty, plastic surgery, genealogy, child birth, the elderly and womanizing.

Growing Pains ran for seven seasons on ABC from 1985 to 1992. By its second season, the show was definitely a hit. Every week, viewers were welcomed into the Seaver home to receive hearty laughs and valuable life lessons. Like many other family sitcoms of the ‘80s such asWho’s the BossThe Cosby Show and Charles in ChargeGrowing Pains had heart not to mention the dreamy Kirk Cameron. Thankfully, his Evangelical rants don’t pop up anywhere in this 3-disc DVD set. He’s had plenty of time since the show’s finale to spread the word of God.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are none.

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