Devil’s Playground

The zombie genre has been done and redone and just seems to be producing the same stuff again and again. This movie is no different. Devil’s Playground is directed by Mark McQueen and stars Craig Fairbrass as Cole, our heroic protagonist. Cole is that tough Jason Statham like dude that all the zombies are scared of. A chemical company creates a zombie clan with a new drug. You can actually tell who the zombies are in this movie because of the large and apparent dark veins coming out of the zombie’s bodies. Chaos ensues in an England town as the zombies run rampant, big and eating the flesh of the commoners.

The realness of the movie takes a turn for the worse when a newswoman is covering the action of zombie attacks instead of running away and hiding from the flesh driven mutants. She eventually runs away, but our time is still wasted by the rest of the cast and their mediocre acting. The positive aspects of this movie are the fact that there is action at virtually every moment of the movie, including a slow motion ending that only suits the director and not the viewer.  Don’t bother trying to figure out a romantic story (Yep, it has that too!), because it’ll make you miss all the biting and nibbling of the zombies. 28 Days Later you are not. If you make it to the Bonus Features or have any care to watch them, I applaud you.

DVD Bonus Features

A behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes and exclusive QR code for additional bonus material.

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