For some odd reason in recent times, vampires and the culture they make up have been extraordinarily popular. Franchises like Twilight and HBO’s hit series True Blood have featured bloodsucking beings as rich and interesting characters. These undead individuals seem to make up the bulk of supernatural fiction these days. A clever mockumentary was actually filmed surrounding these sexy and unusual “people”. The mockumentary is aptly called Vampires and it is now out on DVD so you can sink your teeth into it.

Vampires is the fictional account of a family of bloodsuckers residing in Belgium. Each member of the family has their own story but the bulk of the film focuses on the family operating as a single unit. The father is a typical patriarch who is concerned with his family’s well-being. The mother is a little wacky but means well and there are kids, two angst-ridden teenagers with their own set of problems, as well as fangs.

If you are bored and interested in seeing a truly unique look at vampire lore, then the Belgian mockumentary Vampires is probably right up your alley. The camerawork is shaky and gritty and the characters seem like real individuals. There is dark humor that makes things less tense but the fact still remains, these are “vampires” and the “documentarians” are risking their lives filming this. The danger here may be staged, but the entertainment value is real.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for Vampires are slim but serviceable. They consist of deleted scenes and a trailer.

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