Jo Koy: Lights Out

Comedian Jo Koy has an interesting style. He is very energetic and talks a lot about family. He’s like a Filipino mix of Louis C.K. and Dane Cook. This is an odd combo but it actually works. Koy is a man who makes fun but in a harmless way. He discusses family and goes far but never really being inappropriate. His show Jo Koy: Lights Out is out on DVD and if you’re curious about the comic or are already familiar with his work, then this is a good item to pick up.

Filmed at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California,Jo Koy: Lights Out is an amusing 60 minutes of high energy and smart jokes. The beginning of Koy’s set focuses on his Filipino heritage and the other members of the race who are present in the audience. He talks about his mother and eventually sequeways by talking about his own son, a topic that is obviously very near and dear to the man.

Jo Koy is a sensitive man but with a cynical side. These two attitudes clash here and there providing an interesting tone and a unique comic style. Koy has appeared on Chelsea Latelyand has performed and appeared pretty much all over. He is an intelligent and talented comedian who doesn’t resort to excessive profanity or juvenile sex jokes. He is a class act and if you haven’t heard of him, here’s your chance. Give Jo Koy: Lights Out a try.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for Jo Koy: Lights Out are alright. There is a behind-the-scenes featurette entitled Jo Koy: All Access and there is another featurette called D.J. Josephine which shows footage of Koy as a special guest on his mother’s radio talk show and there is also footage of Koy at the cafe where he first performed stand-up.

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