J.B. Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It

For those of you who aren’t familiar with J.B. Smoove, you are missing a pretty interesting piece of information concerning modern American comedy. Smoove is a stand-up comedian who has really made a name for himself as Larry David’s dopey houseguest Leon Black in the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Smoove’s unique voice and off-the-wall comedic style eventually landed him a feature-length stand-up set entitled J.B. Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It and it is now out on DVD.

Though Smoove has a kooky on stage presence, his material is somewhat lacking. It seems as though he relies too much on playing his oddball character from Curb but sadly that seems to be his actual persona. On the show, he is used in small doses and this is tolerable and often downright hilarious. Unfortunately, his shtick on stage can get a bit tiresome and irritating over the course

J.B. Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It has good intentions as a piece of goofy entertainment but it falls flat in terms of generating laughs, the key component of any stand-up comedy performance. Smoove certainly has a presence but sadly that is not enough. Like his screen time in Curb, he has been featured in various other works most of which feature him for a few minutes or two. The man isn’t devoid of talent by any means. He just has to be taken in small doses.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for J.B. Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It are simply okay. There is a behind the scenes video entitled Behind the Smoove and there is a humorous video entitled Dooz and Doozn’ts.

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