The Raspberry Brothers: Road House (Preview)

Whenever one watches a terrible movie, one is tempted to make sarcastic comments and insult whatever ridiculousness is being shown onscreen. It’s pretty much a natural reaction or instinct people have when they see something so ludicrous. This is the basis for the comedy team that is The Raspberry Brothers, three men who know what bad cinema is and how to make said bad cinema tolerable to watch. Think of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and you’ll have better idea of what these jokesters do. Their latest conquest is Road House, a Patrick Swayze action spectacle that certainly deserves the Raspberry touch.

The 80s were an interesting time for movies. There were classics directed by Spielberg and their were numerous Friday the 13th sequels. Quality in film varied from picture to picture. Road House falls under the category of low quality. The only redeeming aspects audiences seemed to enjoy were Swayze’s defined physique, extremely absurd lines of dialogue and lots and lots of broken bar furniture. This is without a doubt, the perfect film for The Raspberry Brothers to tear into.

With an eclectic variety of screened films, Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema is a movie buff’s dream come true. Food and drinks are served while the movies are played. There is a small tray and coster with each seat. There is a VHS wall in one of the theater halls which serves as a tribute to home video entertainment days of old. Also, in honor of Road House, there will be a scar competition, a punching bag in the theater and $3 cans of PBR. The Raspberry Brothers are seasoned pros, having mocked such random films such as Labyrinth, Twilight and Friday the 13th Part VIII. If you want to laugh your ass off this weekend, then look no further than The Raspberry Brothers.

Click here for tickets.

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