Whale Wars: Viking Shores After Show Debate

The slaughtering of whales is a huge issue for Whale Wars activist and animal protector Paul Watson. He is a Sea Shepherd who takes his job very seriously and wants nothing more than to stop the unnecessary killing of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands of the North Atlantic. The new season of Whale Wars: Viking Shores is now airing on Animal Planet and a special after-show debate has aired as well.

The debate was a very interesting and eye-opening one as it featured Watson and a Faroese native, musician Heri Joensen. The two men squared off as they each defended their beliefs and feelings regarding the pilot whales. Watson, a staunch supporter of protecting the lives and preservation of whales and Joensen, a man who feels that whale meat should be enjoyed and that they are simply animals to be utilized for their natural resources.

Hosted by Animal Planet’s Kasey-Dee Gardner, the debate was just a small step taken to save the pilot whales from annihilation. Paul Watson is the type of man the world needs more of. For nearly 30 years, he has crusaded all over the planet to ensure the safety and preservation of many animals, especially whales. Animal Planet has pushed Watson into the spotlight and he is letting his voice be heard.

Whale Wars: Viking Shores continues the further adventures of Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew. Though his mission is noble and his actions are just, there are many people such as the Faroese natives who are strongly against his views. The debate is an important one and there are two sides to this issue. Now, where do you stand?

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