Latino Americans

When it comes to documentary programming, PBS is among the industry’s leading channels. They continually explore interesting and important topics in meaningful and engaging ways. Latino Americans is yet another example of why PBS is king when it comes to documentary filmmaking. With six episodes spread out over two discs, Latino Americans certainly manages to educate and enlighten its viewers.

Latino actor Benjamin Bratt narrates Latino Americans, a documentary which highlights the importance and influence of a 500 year-old culture full of rich diversity and strong heritage. The program delves into expansionism, Manifest Destiny, the Wild West, various wars, the rise of organized labor, the Great Depression, the post World War II boom, the Civil Rights movement, globalization and the effects of different technologies.

Like all good documentaries, Latino Americans relies heavily on a number on traditional documentary conventions. They are top notch editing (appropriate cuts), interviews with key figures (people who lived during the actual events, historians, professors of ethnic studies or Latin American studies), historical photos and illustrations, dramatic reenactments and of course narration by a notable celebrity (Mr. Bratt). All of these factors contribute to a very tight and worthwhile viewing experience.

Latino Americans hits all the right notes and should be a staple in any social studies of American history classroom. The testimonials and images provided are amazing and shed light on a people who have influenced and helped shape modern America. With the new DVD release now readily available, Latino Americans will continue to captivate and inspire.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features for Latino Americans.

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