NOVA: Earth from Space

PBS is known the world over for providing its viewers with quality, though-provoking and engaging programming. The documentary NOVA: Earth from Space continues this noble trend as it explores the nature of our planet from fascinating new angles and with a clean and very rich Blu-ray transfer, PBS has once again outdone themselves.

NOVA: Earth from Space takes the viewer on a truly breathtaking journey. Through the scientific genius of NASA, this documentary takes pictures of our planet and presents its data and findings in a way that will definitely grab you. Life is examined through NASA’s satellites and the many processes of the planet are put under a very powerful lens.

The program is a solid two hours in length and you will learn more about the planet than you ever thought you could. The science behind the tools that this documentary utilizes is not only extraordinary but mind boggling. The motion of water and ice in Antarctica is discussed and presented as well as fertilization of the Amazon via dust from the Sahara.

Documentaries tend to be a bit on the boring side but NOVA has demonstrated that their programs combine fascinating fact with moving visuals. NOVA: Earth from Space is not boring. It is scientific fact and if you live on this planet, then you will appreciate this program’s mission. The interesting facts combined with a brilliant HD transfer make NOVA: Earth from Space an absolute gem in PBS’ already glowing crown.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features for NOVA: Earth from Space.

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