Under the Bed

Horror movies these days tend to rely on two major elements: sudden loud crashing noises and extreme gore. Both of these cheap tricks are what modern horror films rely on and it’s pretty sad that creativity and actual suspense have been thrown out the window. The latest low-budget “fright fest” Under the Bed is just another example of contemporary horror gone terribly wrong.

The film focuses on troubled teen Neal Hausman (Jonny Weston), who has just returned home after two years staying at his aunt’s. He was believed to be the reason why his old house burned down, taking the life of his mother. Neal comes home to a bitter father with a new wife and his younger brother Paulie (Gattlin Griffin) who seems to be the only person who understands Neal and vice versa. When Neal was younger, he was terrorized by a monster under his bed. Recently, Paulie has been harassed by the same monster and now that Neal is home, the two brothers decide to team up to finally stop the creature.

Under the Bed had so much potential, a great premise, a cool title and some attractive actors. The downfall was the script and while many of the actors looked good, their acting skills were somewhat lacking. The final battle sequence is worth noting because it is actually pretty badass. The creature effects are a tad cheesy but young actors Jonny Weston and Gattlin Griffin hold their own and do their best to save this lame direct-to-DVD film from being utterly hopeless. If you feel compelled to see Under the Bed, do so with caution because the only thing scary about it is the dreadful dialogue.

DVD Bonus Features

There is only one bonus feature for Under the Bed, a trailer for the film.

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