Take Care

There is no doubt that the break-up of a romantic relationship will yield certain residual awkwardness. That awkwardness would come usually come if or when one of the partners has a request of some sort. In the new indie rom com Take Care, this scenario is presented quite nicely and the results are relatively light and enjoyable. It is a film that feels as though it might have fared better on the small screen but the chemistry between the film’s two leads is so good and the script quite decent, that the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

Frannie (Leslie Bibb) was in a car crash not too long ago, having broken an arm and a leg. She is now limited to her bed and moves around her New Jersey apartment via wheelchair. He sister Fallon (Nadia Dajani) is trying to take care of her the best she can but it’s putting a strain on her busy schedule. Frannie eventually learns that her ex-boyfriend Devon (Thomas Sadowski) has hit it big with the sale of his internet startup company. Since Frannie took care of Devon when he was sick with cancer, she feels it’s only right to ask him to take care of her now, to return the favor and of course various rom com predictability ensues but it’s actually not as corny as it sounds.

While Take Care has many of the usual tropes of a standard romantic comedy, it isn’t completely devoid of merit. Leslie Bibb (Popular, Iron Man) is absolutely adorable and her limited mobility provides for some rather funny slapstick. Not only that, her character has many layers and the interactions she has with Devon are really rather touching. Thomas Sadowski (The Newsroom, Wild) plays Devon with very little emotion but throughout the course of the film, he opens up and seems to warm up to the idea of being his ex-girlfriend’s caregiver.

Written and directed by Liz Tuccillo (He’s Just Not That Into You, Sex and the City), Take Care may seem like your quintessential chick flick but it’s not. It is a film that explores the many facets of a relationship after both parties have parted ways. It is actually a very unique take on the “love story” in that it builds the relationship up from after it has been demolished. Bibb and Sadowski take this material and really run with it, making it truly special, adding depth to their characters and providing a very entertaining 94-minute runtime.

If you are looking for a cute romantic comedy with a fresh spin on things, then look no further than Take Care. The premise is original enough to sustain one’s interest and the acting is natural and full of life. With the one and only setting being Frannie’s apartment, Take Care could have easily been a stage play and perhaps, in the future, Liz Tuccillo will make that transition but right now, the film is a lovely indie romp that spotlights two very capable actors reciting a gifted filmmaker’s dialogue with ease and enthusiasm. Take Care is a real gem and should not be missed.

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