Unfortunately, racism is something that has existed and will probably continue to exist for quite some time. Throughout history, judgment and violence against a race that is not one’s own has caused wars, crime, and pretty much the very worst of humanity. The new thriller Supremacy focuses on a white supremacist and his upward battle not only with black people but with himself. It is a harsh movie with a bleak plot and eerily realistic performances. With such intense themes of racism and paranoia, Supremacy is a film that will certainly keep you on the edge of you seat.

White supremacist Garret Tully (Joe Anderson) has just been released from prison, having served a 15-year sentence. Friend of a friend and white trash beauty Doreen (Dawn Olivieri) agrees to pick Tully up from prison. With only a few hours of freedom, Tully has an altercation with a black police officer and ends up killing him. Now he and Doreen must seek shelter from the impending onslaught of the police so they hole up in a black family’s house where patriarch Mr. Walker (Danny Glover) must protect his loved ones from potentially serious harm.

Supremacy is a small film but it deals with some very big issues. Racism is certainly at the forefront and Tully is a truly unsympathetic character caught in the middle of his own desperate choices. His “partner” Doreen is a simple country gal who wants nothing more than for Tully’s reign of stupidity to just end. The Walker family also shares this sentiment as they are stuck as Tully’s hapless hostages. Joe Anderson (Across the Universe, The Grey) is pretty great as the foolish racist, angry at the world and on occasion, angry at himself. Everyone around him is a victim and his poor judgment and serious temper fuel the fire, making everyone involved suffer.

Danny Glover is excellent in the role of the strong father with only one thing in mind: his family’s safety. One of the other major subjects explored in Supremacy is the fact that Tully and Mr. Walker have both served time. The fact that they were both in prison is a very interesting thing put on the table and while they both have criminal backgrounds, these two men couldn’t be anymore different. Tully continually questions Mr. Walker and their tense relationship is one the viewer might find very fascinating to watch.

With a rather depressing premise and Tully’s unpleasant nature, Supremacy is definitely not a “feel good movie”. It is a gritty thriller that will definitely suck you in. Many of the performances are superb especially those of Anderson and Glover who’s constant battling provides for some rather entertaining cinema. Director Deon Taylor’s (Chain Letter, Dead Tone) quick camerawork and close-ups of the characters’ faces only serves to enhance the nervous tone of the picture. Supremacy is a fine little film and it won’t get much notice from mainstream audiences and that is a real shame because it is a solid viewing experience, has some terrific performances, and deals with some very important themes. You can probably find it on Netflix Instant in the very near future.

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