DVD Review: The Walking Deceased

With the hugely popular The Walking Dead injecting new life and excitement into the zombie genre, it was only a matter of time a ridiculous spoof would be made to lampoon everything the undead monster phenomenon stood for. The Walking Deceased is a lackluster attempt to mock zombie films and TV shows and while it is in vein of the Scary Movie franchise, it is a far cry from funny or even interesting mockery. Sure it’s cute in its execution here and there but it sadly misses the mark. Hardcore fans of zombie lore might find it appealing but casual audiences may want to seek entertainment elsewhere.

Taking place in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, Sheriff Lincoln (Dave Sheridan) wakes up from a coma, only to be teamed up with a group of survivors on a mission to find the Safe Haven Ranch, a place where zombies can’t bother them. Among the group are Green Bay (Tim Ogletree), Chicago (Joey Oglesby), Brooklyn (Sophie Taylor Ali), Harlem (Danielle Garcia), Romeo (Troy Ogletree), Darnell (Andrew Pozza) and Chris (Mason Dakota Galyon). A motley crew to say the least, this bunch spends most of the film bickering and creating human drama more so than fighting the brain-thirsty creatures they originally set out to destroy.

While The Walking Deceased pokes fun at well-established zombie tropes, one can’t help but cringing during this soulless production. The cheap nature of the filmmaking style coupled with the amateurish performances of the actors (especially from Dave Sheridan) make this “film” an uncomfortable viewing experience. One must wonder how a movie like this originally got greenlit because, like most spoofs, it just downright stinks. All of the actors contribute to its poor quality, even Troy Ogletree, who plays a Warm Bodies-like zombie with an inner monologue.

One thing, The Walking Deceased gets right is the gore and while these scenes are somewhat limited, when they do appear, they are very welcome. There is even a lovely nod to Shaun of the Dead, a far superior zombie satire. There are also zombie strippers, which is pretty unique. The creature makeup is also pretty solid and the undead are given the proper treatment here.

Spoofs are usually the worst type of movie there is. With the Scary Movie franchise opening the door for these worthless bits of cinema, one must be concerned for the future of parodies and the like. It is a lousy way for studios to make a buck and these movies are the worst type of trash any audience can view. Originality and creativity are out the window each and every time a movie like this comes around money is lost and braincells die. The Walking Deceased will soon make its way to Netflix Instant and late night stoners looking for cinematic fix will be in for a treat. Other than that, this film has very little appeal and should be avoided at all costs.

DVD Bonus Features

There are two behind the scenes vignettes, five deleted scenes and a trailer for the film.

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