Animal Planet’s ‘The Last Alaskans’ Shows a Human Side to Wilderness

“It’s easy to die up here… Everything else is work”, says Bob Harte, one of the few residents (and stars) of one of the world’s most desolate and at times, unforgiving areas to live. That area is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a place where wild animals roam free and people who desire living off the grid can do so in a “simple”, rather rough manner. Animal Planet has recently aired a number of one-hour episodes which brilliantly depict people doing what they do best; survive. The Last Alaskans isn’t your typical reality show as it seamlessly intertwines true stories with actual occasional danger brought on by the harsh Alaskan elements.

Animal Planet is in the middle of airing eight thrilling episodes which showcase the can-do attitude of a select few Alaskan adventurers. Living in the wilderness and away from “normal” society, these people are truly an inspiration as they hunt, fish, and build their own dwellings. The manner in which they live and how they interact with the local wildlife is very intriguing and at times, downright inspiring. It’s the fact that they are literally living off the land and not asking for society’s help. These people live in an area of the world most people would refuse to call their home but this handful of individuals embrace the land and respect its animals for the nourishment and sustenance they provide.

The eight-part event The Last Alaskans is currently airing on Animal Planet and the relationship the subjects have with the wildlife is really quite extraordinary. Four families are documented by camera crews and drones to really dig deep and show how these people live. It really is a unique show and a television event that really needs to be experienced. Animal Planet’s slogan is “Surprisingly Human” and The Last Alaskans beautifully sums up this terrific mantra.

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