Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015: Recap

The terms “geek” and “nerd” used to be something of an insult, labels that denote someone who is introverted, an outsider and just plain uncool but in the last decade or so, these terms have changed and altered society’s perception. Now, these labels seem to describe the very opposite, people who shine brightly in the spotlight and are the very essence of “cool”. Comic Cons across the country have celebrated the greatness of people who appreciate pop culture in all its wonderful glory. Wizard World Comic Con Chicago just took place last weekend and people from all over the world participated in its greatness.

Like most cons, Wizard World Chicago was comprised of many wonderful ingredients. There are rows and rows of merchants attempting to sell their wares, items that range from comic books, artwork, action figures, movie memorabilia and apparel. Fans of sci-fi and fantasy are right at home, shopping for rare items from their childhood and whatnot. The main hall consists of many shop owners and their booths as they try to make a profit and be in good company with their valued customers.

On top of these many salesmen trying to earn a living, we have a wide array of celebrities plugging their current projects via panels, autograph sessions and photo opportunities. This is the bread and butter of many of these actors and the like. Some stars who graced Chicago with their presence this year included Jeremy Renner, Norman Reedus, Nathan Fillion, Burt Reynolds, Ben McKenzie, Bruce Campbell, Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Rooker, Jodie Sweetin and Eli Roth.

With Wizard World Chicago, fans were treated to the inside stories and nitty gritty the stars had to offer. This can include a humorous anecdote from Jodie Sweetin regarding her Full House cast mates or over the top hosting duties courtesy of the ultimate B-movie ham Mr. Bruce Campbell. The excitement is in the air and that air is shared by the collective geekdom that sits in delight and in many instances, awe, seeing their pop culture idols speak and entertain in person. This is what Comic Cons are all about and it is really, quite exhilarating.

With the comic con fad growing and growing every year with many fanboys and fangirls. It’s not just an excuse to dress up as your favorite movie or comic book character, it is a reason to celebrate the very best society has to offer. Comic Cons offer the chance for people to display their passions, wether it’s a superhero or an obscure reference to a classic sci-fi film. Comic cons like Wizard World Chicago are the perfect place where adults can be kids again and their kids can experience a time when their mom or dad was their age. It’s a really unique time for all and everyone, young or old should experience it at least once in their lifetime.

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