NYCC 2015: ‘Angie Tribeca’ Panel

Rashida Jones is really quite special. Over the past decade, not only has she made a name for herself on television but she has appeared in quite a few popular films. She maintains a fine balance by being funny and beautiful simultaneously. From a supporting role on the American The Office to a seamless transition to another popular NBC sitcom, Parks and Recreation, Jones has proven time and time again that she has the chops to tickle many an audience member’s funny bone. Her upcoming series Angie Tribeca is premiering on TBS in January of next year and the first episode was screened at New York Comic Con this fall.

TV is full of many procedural cop shows, many of which are action dramas, shows with limited humor and wooden acting. For some reason, audiences love this kind of stuff and we continue to get more of the same. That is until Angie Tribeca hits the streets, a ridiculously funny series in the same vein as The Naked Gun films and series that preceded it. Rashida Jones plays the titler character, a serious young detective who usually gets her man. She is funny in that she doesn’t know she’s being funny and this deadpan persona is brilliantly counterbalanced by all the parody and spoof-like action that surrounds her. She has a new partner in goofy Hayes MacArthur and Jere Burns plays her somewhat oblivious captain.

Just from the first episode, which earned huge applause and cheers at New York Comic Con, Angie Tribeca seems to be destined for great things. It is a parody-like series that will garner a cult following if not huge mainstream popularity. Rashida Jones, Jere Burns and some of the makers of the series appeared at Comic Con for a special panel and it was certainly a night to remember.

For years, Jones has dabbled in many series and films, not really establishing herself as a strong leading lady. This new series from TBS might change that and will hopefully launch Jones further that she’s already gone.

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