Interview: Actor Sean Maher Talks ‘Batman: Bad Blood’

The world of animated superhero films is a vast and interesting machine. Batman, especially, has seen a lot of action in recent years and the new film Batman: Bad Blood is certainly no exception. It is a high octane and intense crime actioner, animated and presented in a way that will probably attract more adults than kids. I caught actor Sean Maher (Nightwing) on the red carpet at the premiere of the film and he dished on working on the project. Here’s how that conversation went:

Thanks for taking the time. What’s it like playing – I know it’s a voice role – what’s it like playing Nightwing?

It’s fantastic, yeah, and it being a voice role was part of the fun. I’m a cartoon.

Yeah, that’s awesome. Do you let your imagination get the better of you?

Yes, yes, I mean, it’s really, it’s the most fun I’ve had – you know, I haven’t had that much experience with superheroes, but you know, it’s really what we do as actors. We’re doing imagined play, right? And so it’s like the epitome of that.

Did you grow up reading comics?

Yes and no. I definitely wasn’t religious. I think I dipped in and out of comics.

What about animation growing up, cartoons that you saw? Saturday morning cartoons?

Oh yeah, of course.

What was your ritual?

What was my ritual? I don’t remember, to be honest.

What do you see in the future then? More superhero roles? More animation?

Yeah, yeah, I mean, I’d love to do more animation. This has been so much fun. I had no idea that this would be such a ride for me. It’s been great.

What characters do you see yourself playing? Not just superhero but any genre of film or animation. Sky’s the limit.

Sky’s the limit. I mean, if I could pick one role, Dexter would be my dream role.

You could be his younger brother. Anything in the pipe line you can talk about?

Yeah, I have a few films that I worked on last year that are coming out. One is called ISRA 88. It’s of this genre. It’s a movie. I play a doctor in outer space who is on a high-profile government mission, and it’s sort of a case study. It’s very Kubrick in tone, and it’s a film I’m very proud of, so that’s coming out. And I have another film called The Visit with June Squibb, and then I just wrapped a film called People You May Know, which is sort of a complex romantic comedy by some Spanish filmmakers.

Sounds amazing so far. Any directors or filmmakers you want to work with in the future?

Oh, god. Guillermo Del Toro I think would be, like, my…I would salivate. (laughs) Alexander Payne is another one.

Sideways, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, amazing.

Who else? Yeah, well, there’s so many.

Sounds good, thanks for the time.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

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