Interview: Director Jay Olivia Talks ‘Batman: Bad Blood’

The world of animated superhero films is a vast and interesting machine. Batman, especially, has seen a lot of action in recent years and the new film Batman: Bad Blood is certainly no exception. It is a high octane and intense crime actioner, animated and presented in a way that will probably attract more adults than kids. I caught director Jay Olivia on the red carpet at the premiere of the film and he dished on working on the project. Here’s how that conversation went:

So growing up, did you have a favorite superhero?

Yes, Spiderman.

Okay, okay. It’s not the same – 

That was the first comic book I read, and I love Spiderman. He’s one of my favorites. I mean, I’ve worked on Spiderman animated many times.

You’ve done almost every story in the animated universe.

Yeah, yeah.

What do you want to do next?

I mean, Gotham, I guess. In terms of the DC universe, Gotham By Gaslight was always a fan favorite, and I’d love to do, Kingdom Come would be great. Blackest Night would be fun. The great thing is, there’s adaptations and there’s original stories, and I like doing both because sometimes when you’re doing an adaptation, you get constrained to what the story is, and you kind of want to break free and try something new. So I like that in this format, we can choose what we like and then do something new based upon our continuity.

What was it about the story that attracted you to this project?

Well, this one was because Batwoman, and I think she’s, like, my favorite character. At least more recent, though. I think she – and I love really strong, I like strong women characters because there’s a lot you can do, and I like this story because we were able to introduce her and get her origin story in there as well as lay the groundwork for the future, if we do future films with her in it. And you know, Yvonne is amazing, so I always wanted to work with her, so we were able to find something. We found a role that was perfect for her.

Nice, nice. Would you ever make the jump to live-action?

Oh yeah, if I could. I mean, I’m planning, it’s down the pipeline that eventually, I would love to do live-action. I’m doing storyboards with live-action right now.

Anything you can talk about?

Well, I mean, I worked on Man of Steel of course, I did Batman Vs. Superman, I worked on Wonder Woman, I worked on a lot of different things.

I mean, it’s limitless, the future.

Yeah, yeah, totally. It’s just very exciting.

Seventy years, I think, of stories?

Yeah, yeah.

I think you’re the man to bring it to the next level.

I just want a little piece of it, and I’ll be happy.

You’ve succeeded so far.

Thank you so much, thank you.

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