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Interview with the Cast and Director of ‘Loitering with Intent’

The new independent dramedy Loitering with Intent focuses on two friends (Ivan Martin and Michael Godere), who are tasked with writing a screenplay in just 10 days. During their writing period, they are met with distractions, from an old flame (Marisa Tomei), a potential new flame (Isabelle McNally), and slightly unstable individuals (Sam Rockwell and Brian Geraghty). I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview Marisa Tomei, Sam Rockwell, Ivan Martin, Michael Godere, and director Adam Rapp. It was a lovely discussion as the stars and director spoke about the film’s origins and the different themes explored. Ms. Tomei and Mr. Rockwell also spoke about their favorite roles from the past and potential future projects. All in all, it was a truly wonderful interview. Loitering With Intent will be released January 16, 2015.

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Loitering with Intent

The independent dramedy is one of filmdom’s most interesting and reliable genres. With stories and actors that are grounded very much in reality, movies that fall under this genre provide for the most honest pieces of cinema to ever come to fruition. Loitering with Intent is one such film and while it has two notable stars headlining it, it feels like any other indie production, not flashy or anything huge. It is a bittersweet tale that features some very talented people and it is a movie that everyone should get around to seeing at some point.

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The Identical

Musical dramas often present predictable and cliché stories. Troubled characters and relationships riddled with conflict are usually at the forefront of movies that fall into this genre. The Identical, while being a squeaky clean and sincere tale, is one such film that goes the direction of “been there, done that”. It is rated PG and has some religious undertones, making it appropriate for the entire family. The performances feel very familiar and so does the movie’s ultimate message. With a bland plot and decent songs, it isn’t necessarily a bad film; it just doesn’t go above that of average quality.

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