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Blu-ray Review: Carol

Lesbianism is something very commonplace in today’s society. It isn’t something to fear or hide from. It is a normal aspect of the modern world and the beautiful film Carol spends a good amount of time attempting to dilute the stigma attached to it in the sexually-ignorant 1950s. The film explores lesbianism in a way that is both secretive and delicate. The main leads in the movie, played exquisitely by Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, are the stuff of film legends. It is a quiet film that deals with a topic many, at the time, considered very taboo. In reality, Carol is an artful piece of cinema that is beautiful to look at, acted near perfectly, and addresses lesbianism in a refreshingly original way.

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The story of Cinderella is one of mankind’s most enduring fairy tales. It is a tale of romance, dreams and accepting one for who they truly are. Over time, the story has been adapted many times, the most notable one being the animated feature film in 1950. Thanks to Walt Disney and his crack team of animators, Cinderella was brought to “life”. This movie was the start of something very special and now in 2015, Disney has taken it one step further and made Cinderella live-action. Renowned Shakespearan film director Kenneth Branagh has provided his reliable services in capturing the magic of the girl with the glass slipper and the results aren’t only good but downright magical.

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