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Kung Fu Panda 3

When a film franchise comes out with a third installment, one gets a sense that that franchise knows what they’re doing and that they are definitely in the business of making money, not high art. Since 2008, the Kung Fu Panda films have repackaged Shrek in a tasty Chinese coating and passed it off as original animated entertainment and DreamWorks Animation actually did get it right. Jack Black serves as voice actor superstar, accompanied by a who’s who of modern day supportive acting talent. Kung Fu Panda 3 continues to follow the adventures of spiritually-misguided Po, a panda who, through the power of kung fu, teamwork, and friendship sees deeper and realizes his true potential. This is the third film, so expect strong similarities between this installment and the previous two however that’s not saying this is a mediocre film because it really is rather fun and lively, not to mention funny and brimming with strong technical achievements.

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Enter the Dangerous Mind

The psychological thriller is one of cinema’s most reliable and entertaining genres. Characters riddled with mental problems can be the basis for fascinating stories and will certainly keep audiences on their toes. The indie shocker Enter the Dangerous Mind succeeds in continuing the genre’s tropes and it is a film that will probably require a few viewings to sink in and fully appreciate. It stars young Jake Hoffman (son of Dustin Hoffman) and his performance here is not only disturbing but powerfully genuine. Viewers should take note because this is a truly haunting and very well-crafted picture.

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