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The relationship between man and machine has been the basis for many science fiction stories over the years. Films like The Terminator and Blade Runner are just a few prime examples of how people and robots either coexist or do battle with one another. The latest sci-fi/thriller Automata is an ambitious foray in the futuristic eye candy genre and sadly, the results are rather lackluster. This is especially disappointing because the cast is comprised of usually reliable and gifted actors. The direction is adequate at best but the premise here feels all too familiar.

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Behaving Badly

Bad movies are a dime a dozen these days. Studios tend to churn out absolute garbage in the hopes of appeasing wide audiences. Unfortunately, these absentminded studio executives take tired and recycled plots, repackage them, hire poor excuses for writers, and spotlight some attractive, young actors. Throw in some well-known performers to add a touch of “class” to the production and off they go. Behaving Badly is one such example and it is a movie so bad, that it is an insult to the good name of filmmaking.

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