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Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015: Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers Panel

“In a world…” and “One man…” are two of the most overly used opening lines in film trailer history. The film trailer establishes the tone and sets the mood of a movie in no more than two minutes. It is a marketing tool that draws audiences in and puts butts in movie theater seats. Just about every movie has one and more often than not, they can be pretty stupid. The online comedy group (and sensation) Screen Junkies knows this all too well and takes advantage of this by editing these short videos and adds their own commentary. Think of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and you have “Honest Trailers”, a brutally honest take on many of today and yesterday’s ridiculous film trailers.

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Soundtrack Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Nostalgia is alive and well in the year 2015. There are numerous film franchises from yesteryear getting the reboot/sequel treatment and this year is seeing this “phenomenon” more than ever before. One such franchise that has recently had new life injected into it is the Australian dystopian adventure film Mad Max. The series began in 1979 with a young Mel Gibson in the lead role and there were two sequels (1981 and 1985). These films saw some very gritty and some very raw action storytelling. Director George Miller has now returned 30 years later to continue the story with Mad Max: Fury Road, a high octane, no holds barred thrill ride that not only has great action and direction but a killer musical score courtesy of Mr. Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a.. Junkie XL).

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