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Hitman: Agent 47

The current state of action movies is a mixed and sordid affair. Sure, there are crowd pleasers like Mad Max: Fury Road and many of the Marvel superhero spectacles but there also exist action/adventure films that rely heavily on tired gimmicks, horrendous acting and equally terrible scripts. The latest shoot ‘em up Hitman: Agent 47 follows in this unfortunate train of Hollywood thought. It is violent, flashy and at many times, thinks it’s smarter than almost every other action romps that have come before it. Based on the Hitman video game series, Agent 47 is also a reboot of the 2007 Hitman film starring Timothy Olyphant. This, however, does not make matters any better.

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The November Man

There seems to be a popular trend these days with certain actors when they approach or surpass their 60s. For some reason, when male actors reach this decade, they decide to star in violent, explosive, sometimes entertaining action/thrillers. It apparently started in 2008 with Liam Neeson in Taken, continued in 2010 with Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, and was evident earlier this year with Kevin Costner in 3 Days to Kill, and so on. Post-midlife crisis cinematic bloodbaths are all the rage nowadays and Pierce Brosnan’s latest actioner The November Man firmly reinforces that fact. It is a ridiculous quasi-interesting spy thriller that features decent performances, lots of dead bodies, and little less.

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