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The issue of gay rights has always been a controversial one. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are sadly seen by some as taboo and unacceptable. Thankfully, today the stigma has melted away significantly but in the 1980s, gay people were seen in a less favorable light. The new British dramedy Prime tackles the issue of gay rights in a way that isn’t just lighthearted and funny but inspirational and truly meaningful. All of the cinematic elements come together here to form a film that audiences gay and straight will find charming and downright great.

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Honour is a film that addresses a topic that is far from honorable. Honor killings take place all over the world and take the lives of many people (mostly women) who have brought great shame and humiliation to their families. Many factors contribute to this form of murder: religion, marrying or having sex with a member of a different race, and so forth. Old fashioned thinkers believe it to be totally necessary to end the life of a loved one simply for going in a direction that is contrary to their family’s beliefs. This practice is atrocious and it is explored a bit in the lackluster Honour.

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