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The Babadook

The horror film genre has been on the decline in recent years. Sure, the Paranormal Activity series and various demon possession flicks grace the cineplex every now and then but they are simply the same premise recycled over and over again. Originality is a rarity these days and that is a real shame. That is of course until a film like the Australian psychological fright fest The Babadook comes along and turns the genre right on its head. A random scary movie which seems to be making a powerful impact, it is a film that relies on old fashioned storytelling, superb performances, a tight script, and even tighter direction. This is one horror film destined to become a genre classic.

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The Houses October Built

Halloween is a time in which fright and the macabre run wild. People love a good scare and haunted houses provide scare-seekers with the most genuine and heart-pounding form of entertainment. Actors (people dressed up as monsters) hide out in dark corners and pop out, causing thrill-seekers to skip a heart beat here and there. The latest found footage horror/drama The Houses October Built is an intriguing entry in the same genre of The Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity saga. It is a hybrid of that which is real and of that which is spooky fiction. It is being released close to Halloween, so horror and haunted house enthusiasts might want to check out this eerie film.

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