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A Convenient Truth

In 2006, Al Gore unloaded on us An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary film that hoped to enhance the public’s knowledge of global warming and stir change from us all. It was a very important film which shed light on a topic many of us don’t really think about. The film was a wake up call for many and it did shift people’s perceptions of Earth climate change and what can be done to save the planet. The new film A Convenient Truth takes a cue from the Al Gore film but this time, rather than being a documentary of supreme importance, it is a ludicrous “mockumentary” that aims to fulfill one mission: to make audiences laugh.

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Movies based on true stories often provide for some of the more riveting and though-provoking cinematic experiences. The drama and grittiness is palpable and it is the one of most literal examples of “art imitating life”. The searing drama Foxcatcher is a dark and psychological exploration of three men who each have their own individual problems and eventually clash with a truly unfortunate outcome. The film stars Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo and an intense and almost barely recognizable Steve Carell. It is a movie that will suck you in and basically leave you breathless. Released just in time for award season, this is one drama/thriller that is not to be missed.

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