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Patch Town

In European folklore, it is a widely known myth that babies are born into cabbage patches. The soft leaves act as comforting blankets as the baby is held and eventually delivered. This myth is bizarre, to say the least, and serves as the foundation of the offbeat fantasy adventure Patch Town, a film which combines the styles of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam and meshes them into a dark, quirky and imaginative fairy little. Few films are as original as this and that’s a real shame because this movie is certainly one for the books.

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The Zero Theorem

Terry Gilliam is a filmmaker who possesses what seems to be a truly unlimited imagination. His science fiction and fantasy films over the years have been the stuff of legends. The worlds he creates are vivid, weird and downright beautiful. The man has been dazzling audiences since the 1960s with his work with the comedy group “Monty Python” and with his bizarre yet gorgeous directorial efforts. His latest film The Zero Theorem continues in that vein of offbeat cinematic output and while it is a work full of the filmmaker’s signature quirks and unique style, it might detract casual moviegoers.

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