Louie C.K.: Hilarious

Louis C.K. is one of America’s most talented and most honest comedians. Over the past few years, he has given audiences the skinny on many of society’s most important issues and lucky for us, his latest comedy concert, Hilarious is being released on DVD to start 2011 off right.

Hilarious is Louis C.K.’s third one-hour comedy special after Shameless, and Chewed Up. It was filmed and recorded at The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee in April of 2009 and had the honor, and privilege of being the first stand-up comedy film ever accepted into the Sundance Film Festival.

The program is rather long for a stand up comedy routine clocking in at almost 80 minutes but that’s okay because this is some funny stuff. Louis C.K.’s brand of humor is unique in that he exposes many of culture’s most uncomfortable and taboo topics.

Some of the topics C.K. talks about are dead people, being single after divorce, hot girls in bars and their dude counterparts, currency, cell phones and flying, the way people talk, kids, and sex. Each of these subjects takes a good couple of minutes for C.K. to discuss and each is quite entertaining. C.K. has definitely become an expert at highlighting the awkward yet true aspects of humanity with great wit and perfect timing.

C.K. starts the program as best he can, talking about dead people, telling the audience that they are simply dead people who haven’t died yet. He then admits that he doesn’t know how to start comedy acts, a fact proven by his choice of opening topic.

He then lets the audience into his personal life by explaining that he is recently divorced and that it is particularly difficult to return to the dating scene. He continues on this topic of singlehood by talking about hot girls in bars who are the “Holy Grail” of dating. He describes the process of approaching these women and then talks about their male counterparts, guys who go to bars, and clubs in the hopes of going home with one of them.

The next topic he rants about is currency. He talks about how people used to pay for things with coins. British people would throw a little bag of coins with a string to peasants, and cowboys would toss a single coin onto a bar to pay for a room, clothing, food, drinks, a woman, etc. He talks about how much simpler life was back then. This is the perfect segue way to talk about the current state of the world and the use of technology.

He then proceeds to talk about the use of cell phones and how frustrated people get when they don’t work properly. The topic of air travel also comes up. C.K. is amazed by the technological wonders of our time and is disgusted by people who don’t appreciate it. He continues this tirade by discussing the way people talk and their inappropriate use of certain words like “hilarious.”

C.K. reaches the end of his set by talking about his two daughters, aged 7, and 3. He obviously loves them very much and mentions how his 7-year old is more mature than him, and that his 3-year old is, well, a 3-year old. This bit eventually reaches a disgusting climax that I will let you see and hear for yourself.

Louis C.K.: Hilarious is a wonderful piece of comedy. It is filled with absolute candidness and exceptional clarity. C.K. is certainly the voice of a new generation of comics. He mirrors George Carlin through most of his social commentary and has a terrific way of relating to the audience with his material. C.K. is a master at what he does and the end result is simply hilarious.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features for Louis C.K.: Hilarious. However, there are two options for the audio set up. They are PCM 2.0 stereo which is kind of lame, and there is the obviously better Dolby Digital 5.1 surround.

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