The Incredibles

In 2004, Pixar released its sixth feature-length film The Incredibles. Well received by both fans and critics, the film was a huge success, winning the Academy Award that year for Best Animated Feature. Combining elements of the superhero genre, action/adventure and comedy, The Incredibles is a marvel to look at and is soon to be released on stunning Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy.

The Incredibles is a computer-animated gem that tells the story of superheroes and the trouble they have in hiding their secret identities. Starting 15 years prior, the film shows Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and other “supers” fighting crime in the “glory days.” Eventually however, multiple law suits are filed against the supers for accidentally injuring the very people they saved. The supers are forced to hang up their capes and assume normal civilian lives. Flash-forward to today, Mr. Incredible, now Bob Parr, leads a very mundane life working at an insurance company and living in the suburbs with his wife Helen (Elastigirl) and his three kids, daughter Violet who has the power of invisibility and creating force fields, son Dash who can run and superhuman speeds and baby Jack-Jack whose powers are yet to be determined.

One day, Bob receives an envelope containing a message summoning him to become Mr. Incredible once again. The top secret mission takes Mr. Incredible to a remote island called Nomanisan where his skills and powers are necessary to stop an out of control robot. This then leads to further opportunities for Mr. Incredible to be heroic however the person behind the messages has ulterior motives.

The Incredibles is truly a Pixar work of art. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, the sound is crisp and sharp and the voice acting is top notch. Craig T. Nelson is a delight as Mr. Incredible and Holly Hunter is a hoot as Elastigirl. However the real show-stopper is Edna Mode, the superhero costume designer voiced hilariously by director Brad Bird.

The film achieves a phenomenal balance of action/adventure and comedy. There are scenes that will leave you breathless and there are others that will leave you in stitches. The musical score is also quite good composed by Michael Giacchino. Children and adults will both enjoy this film because it really has something for everyone. Pixar is known for cranking out excellent and original stories not to mention producing amazing artwork. The Incredibles is no exception. Now out on Blu-ray, this marvelous film can be yours to own now in high definition!

Bonus Features

The bonus features for The Incredibles are well, incredible. Disc one contains two feature-length audio commentaries, one with director Brad Bird and producer John Walker and the other with supervising animators. There are two animated shorts, Boundin’ and Jack-Jack Attack each with audio commentaries by the shorts’ directors. There is a roundtable discussion entitled The Incredibles Revisited with key members of the crew discussing the making of the film. There is also a brief tutorial that shows you how to upload the digital copy of the film to your computer and there are sneak peeks of other Disney films.

Disc two is the real meat and potatoes of the bonus features. There are a bunch of featurettes. The first one is called Paths to Pixar: Story Artists and it contains interviews of story artists, how they got into the animation business and what they do exactly. There is a cute little storyboard sequence entitled Gary’s Birthday and there is a behind-the-scenes making of the 60s-style end credits. There is The New Nomanisan: Top Secret Redevelopment Plan which is a humorous animated look at the fictional island Nomanisan used in the film. There are seven deleted scenes. There is classic content which is basically a collection of featurettes which were released with the original The Incredibles DVD. There are a bunch of funny Easter eggs and finally there are publicity materials which include trailers, a teaser and character interviews.

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