Beavis and Butt-Head: Volume 4

Uh huh huh, uh huh huh, cue music. It’s been 14 years but those lovable idiots Beavis and Butt-Headare back! The show was pop culture phenomenon and a ‘90s hit featuring two unintelligent teenagers bashing music videos and creating general mayhem in their neighborhood. Creator and voice of the titular characters Mike Judge is also back and it seems as though he never left. This new revived season continues Judge’s unique and disturbing brand of humor. This time in addition to providing commentary behind music videos, they are also insulting reality shows such as Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant. Thanks to MTV for bringing this funny and irreverent show back to television; fans will certainly rejoice, especially now that this brand new season is out on Blu-ray.

As if no amount of time had passed between this season and the last, Beavis and Butt-Head are still sitting in front of their TV. In the first episode “Werewolves of Highland”, the duo watches Twilight and then decides to become werewolves themselves. Next up is “Crying” and after sniffing an onion and tearing, Beavis is tormented by Butt-head who thought he actually cried. In “Daughter’s Hand”, the duo decides to use an old-fashioned technique in courting a girl. In “Tech Support”, the duo manages to become busy at a technical support call center. In “Holy Cornholio”, Beavis’ alternate identity come back and is worshipped by a cult.

In “Drones”, the duo visit a military base on a class trip. They then end up controlling drone planes thinking they’re playing a video game. In “Supersize Me”, the boys take a page out of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary and decide to eat nothing but fast food in an attempt to get girls. In “Bathroom Break”, the duo take advantage of their bathroom breaks at work. “The Rat” shows the gentler side of Beavis and Butt-Head when they find a rat in their house. They then befriend it and bring it to work. In “The Spill”, the boys find out about an offshore oil spill and decide to help clean off birds covered in oil in another attempt to get girls.

“Doomsday” is particularly funny episode and features the duo staying behind while the entire town is evacuated after a toxic gas leak. The boys then think they are the sole survivors of Earth and then decide to do whatever they want. In “Dumb Design”, the duo question evolution and everything else in an attempt to get out of class. Beavis has an unfortunate incident in “Copy Machine”. The boys are mistaken for drug dealers in “Holding”. Insanity arises when the duo manage to mess up everything at a car dealership in “Used Car”. In “Bounty Hunters”, after meeting Dog the Bounty Hunter in a hardware store, the boys decide to become bounty hunters themselves and unleash their own brand of justice.

In “Time Machine”, the duo decides to erase their teacher Mr. Van Driessen’s existence while on a class trip to a colonial village reenactment. The boys decide to become masseuses at a mall to get girls in “Massage”. The duo learns a lesson about cheating from Principal McVicker in “School Test”. The boys witness brutal beating in “Snitchers”. In “Whorehouse”, the duo tries to hook up with women at an abortion clinic which they mistake for a whorehouse. Lastly in “Going Down”, the boys get trapped in an elevator with a beautiful woman and hilarity ensues.

Beavis and Butt-Head: Volume 4 is an absolute joy. If you are a fan of these two young men, then you will definitely enjoy this set. The reality show comments are hilarious and the actual story aspects of the episodes are equally entertaining. This Blu-ray disc rules!

Blu-ray Bonus Features

The bonus features for Beavis and Butt-Head: Volume 4 suck… just kidding, they’re alright. There is 2011 San Diego Comic-Con panel featuring Johnny Knoxville and Mike Judge. There is Beavis and Butt-Head Interruptions and finally, Silence Your Cell Phones.

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