Nude Nuns with Big Guns

“Hell hath no fury like a nude nun scorned.” All kidding aside, Nude Nuns with Big Guns is quite simply a bad movie. It’s an action film that tries so hard to follow in the footsteps of Quentin Tarantino but fails miserably. Not only is the film violent but it’s highly offensive, featuring priests and clergymen as corrupt, evil murderers and drug-pushers. This train wreck is now out on Blu-ray, but we strongly advise against purchasing it.

The story follows Sister Sarah (Asun Ortega), a nun who is treated badly by the clergy. One night, she is drugged and left for dead by the same people. She then gets word from God to seek revenge on those who wronged her. The rest of the movie has her arming herself to the teeth like she’s Rambo, and then Sister Sarah blasts her way to justice putting bullet holes in everyone and anyone she feels is acting wrongful. She’s a one-woman army and will not rest until everyone who mistreated her is dead.

When watching this film, I definitely thought of Kill Bill. The vigilante and revenge themes are there. The only difference is that this movie sucks. You really have to have a lot of courage to sit through this God-awful film. I honestly don’t know what cult finds this disaster a classic. There is nudity scattered throughout and the camerawork and acting make it feel like a soft-core porno flick. I sincerely believe that Nude Nuns with Big Guns was originally supposed to be a porno film. Regardless, this movie is trash and should be avoided at all costs.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

There is a 5-minute short film which served as the initial inspiration for this bomb of a movie and there is also a trailer for the film.

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