Discovery Wages “Whale Wars” on “Viking Shores

In a time where environmentalists and animal rights activists fight to save the Earth and its creatures from harm and potential annihilation, great results come arise from their heroic efforts. Of course, another benefit that stems from it is that it makes for great TV. Animal Planet’s hit series Whale Wars has seen many a challenge when it comes to protecting whales of the world from old-fashioned, sometimes heartless fishermen. In an attempt to further educate viewers about the cruelty of killing whales, the cable channel will broadcast Whale Wars: Viking Shores, a five-part series which starts tonight, April 27th, continuing the adventures of Paul Watson, his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and their mission to stop whaling and promote the cause of animal conservation, this time in the Norwegian Sea’s Faroe Islands.

Paul Watson returns for this television event as he captains the Steve Irwin and Captain Fraser Hall pilots the Brigitte Bardot. Between these two men, their crews and their state-of-the art vessels, they have the tools and know-how necessary to save the hunted whales of the Faroe waters but with 20 killing beaches stretching over 18 islands, the Sea Shepherds are in for quite an arduous task. These brave activists are out to battle “The Grind”, a Faroese term which means “whale drive”. The Grind is a horrific sight occurring every summer where pilot whales are herded onto the shore and slaughtered for their edible meat. The waters turn red from their blood and the Sea Shepards are out to stop it at almost any cost.

If you want to see animal activism and human compassion at its very best, tune in to Animal Planet tonight at 9pm for Whale Wars: Viking Shores.

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