Secrets of the Manor House

Britain during the early 1900s was a time of refinement, luxury and status. The houses and estates which graced the English countryside during this time were impressive, massive and expensive. These homes were for Britain’s richest and social elite. Like small lavish hotels, these homes housed aristocrats and royalty, people who enjoyed the high life because of their money and their titles. Secrets of the Manor House is a fascinating PBS documentary which gives audiences an inside look into some of these amazing homes and the people who inhabited them.

The early twentieth century was the most peaceful time for Europe. There were no wars and people were enjoying a life of absolute prosperity, especially the rich. The houses and estates which sheltered these privileged individuals contained numerous rooms (over 100 in some cases), the finest silver, gorgeous works of art and staffs of butlers, housekeepers, maids, cooks, valets, etc. Everything in these homes were cleaned, checked and made perfect for the tenants who occupied these luxurious homes.

Secrets of the Manor House is a really interesting documentary that lets people know just how well people during this time lived. These were the exact type of people who boarded the Titanic in first class. They dressed in the finest clothes, ate the best food and drank many a glass of brandy. If you want to spend an hour watching the ultra rich and upper class live like kings and queens, then Secrets of the Manor House is the perfect documentary for you.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features for Secrets of the Manor House.

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