The medical profession is something of a mystery. Its goal and continuing mission is to help people but unfortunately at times, it may cause more harm than good. The absorbing documentary Doctored focuses on the United States healthcare system and the many flaws it has. People who get sick and seek treatment are often faced with obstacles and frankly, lots of B.S. Doctored acknowledges the plight of many healthcare consumers and sheds light on the troubles they face.

Doctored starts off focusing on the chiropractic profession and how the American Medical Association (AMA) is against it. The legal case of Wilk vs. AMA is examined where the AMA was found guilty of an illegal conspiracy. That conspiracy targeted the chiropractic profession to “contain and eliminate” said profession. The AMA lost that battle and the chiropractic community celebrated but people were still being hurt. Attacks on these neck-crackers continued and the benefits of a good adjustment were disregarded and considered the work of quacks and cultists.

Alternative therapies are explored by many people frustrated with a broken healthcare system. A variety of doctors and celebrities tell their story such as Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street and NBA Hall of Famer John Stockton. They each tell their story in vivid detail showing their lack of trust and disdain for the medical community. With big names sharing their stories, Doctored proves to be a documentary that even the rich and famous can get behind.

Doctored is an expertly crafted documentary which stresses the sad fact that the healthcare system is designed not to help people but to generate profits. It’s a sad truth that this film tries to expose. Concerned individuals seek alternative forms of treatment because they are constantly ripped off and left with ineffective treatment and care. Thankfully, the filmmakers have the balls to go down this dark and twisted road, a road full of healthcare “professionals” who are simply out there just to make a buck.

Filmmaker Bobby Sheehan has put together a very engaging and thought provoking film here. His direction and cinematography are truly wonderful and take the viewer on an awesome trip that is both educational and stimulating. The man certainly knows his way around a camera and this is quite evident with his previous films Seed, Arias with a Twist, Listen to the World and Cayman Went. Mostly documentaries, these films are part of Sheehan’s impressive and ever growing resume. He has directed over 500 commercials and obviously, has a real gift.

Jeff Hays serves as producer and he is another individual with strong cinematic passion. His credits include Farenhype 9/11 and On Native Soil, two documentaries which are heavily focused on the 9/11 attacks and its victims. Very much like these documentaries, Doctored is centered around a topic which is important to many people. It’s a topic which hits home with many and might stir change in the medical profession. Money is important, sure but at what cost?

True stories are documented in Doctored such as that of Darren Jensen who kidnapped his own son to avoid having his son forced into a clinical trial for a rare form of cancer and the ridiculous part, the boy had no evidence of even having cancer. Another person of interest featured in Doctored is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who, since the 70s has offered controversial treatment for cancer patients. He and his clinic have been the subject of much debate and legal action. He is perhaps, the star of this documentary and his work is either despised and feared or celebrated and found extremely helpful.

Doctored was the extraordinary collaborative effort of a great crew and interviewees who are generally concerned about organizations like the AMA and their attempts to attack alternative forms of medicine. People need to see Doctored, so that their eyes can be opened and they can discover the truth. With terrific editing, dramatic music and celebrities weighing in, Doctored is the documentary everyone should see.

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