America’s Book of Secrets

Throughout the history of the United States, there have been many secrets hidden from the public, secrets which contain information on the nation’s most sensitive issues, people and buildings. These secrets have been explored in The History Channel’s fascinating documentary America’s Book of Secrets. The program consists of 10 engaging episodes spread out over three discs.

The episodes are The White House, Freemasons, Fort Knox, Area 51, The Playboy Mansion, Presidential Transports, The FBI, West Point, Black Ops and The Pentagon and each delves deep and sheds light on top secret information which is usually regarded as taboo or inappropriate for the public’s eye. People interested in learning about the secrets of America will definitely find this documentary worthwhile.

America’s Book of Secrets is masterfully done. The research done by the crew is top notch and definitely something viewers will want to sink their teeth into. The lackluster National Treasure films touched on these sensitive topics, secrets which have been “hidden” from us and are the cause of conspiracy, intrigue and are truly hush hush. Each episode shines a light on a particular secret and presents a detailed and thorough analysis of said secret. The editing and music make the documentary slightly over the top but that’s okay. These are simply filmmaking techniques used to heighten the tension and drama.

The History Channel is known for delivering quality documentaries, programs which aim to educate as well as entertain their viewers. America’s Book of Secrets is yet another example of their stellar programming. Each episode in this DVD set illuminates the viewer and offers a look at something they normally wouldn’t see. Secrets are especially very interesting to learn about and with so many contained in these episode, viewers are in for one hell of a history lesson.

DVD Bonus Features

There is only one bonus feature for America’s Book of Secrets, a bonus episode exploring the secrets contained in The Monuments of America.

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