Dragons: Riders of Berk

When it comes to computer-animated entertainment, Dreamworks is one of the film industry’s leaders. The studio struck gold in the late 90s and early 2000s with modern classics like Antz,Shrek and Madagascar. Their success continued with the 2010 Academy Award-nominated epic How to Train Your Dragon and a spinoff series calledDragons: Riders of Berk aired on Cartoon Network and is now available to own on DVD.

Dragons serves as bridge between the 2010 film and its upcoming 2014 sequel. Jay Baruchel returns to voice Hiccup, a young Viking boy who encounters a dragon and manages to (you’ve guessed it) train it. The series follows Hiccup as he sets up a school to keep mischievous dragons under control. Each episode features a different set of problems caused by the unruly creatures and it is up to Hiccup to get things under control.

The animation in this series is top notch since it is an extension of the visually-striking film. The plots are a bit juvenile but that is just fine since this is just the type of programing that children will eat up. The humor is cute and the action is at times, kind of fierce. There is a lot to enjoy in Dragons: Riders of Berk. Since the film was so entertaining, it was only natural that this series was created. Kids will enjoy this show and parents might too.

DVD Bonus Features

There is a Sneak Peek: How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, five collectible dragon training cards and a sneak peek of Madly Madagascar.

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