The Day

The future can be pretty bleak in certain movies. Sci-fi thrillers tend to make life on Earth kind of miserable due to either nuclear war or other devastating apocalyptic events. The Day is yet another look at a depressing way of life for people struggling to survive in a world ravaged by war. Released by WWE Studios but not featuring any wrestlers, The Day is a dark and violent film which doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of story or characters.

Shawn Ashmore (the X-Men films) leads a small band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The survivors find an abandoned farmhouse where they take shelter but while they think they are safe there, a group of bloodthirsty maniacs are on their way to get them. The cast is comprised of young, good-looking people but that can’t save this dismal production which is plagued by an unoriginal script and a gray, washed out film picture.

The Day is a waste of time. There is nothing new here and it’s a bleak film, ugly to look at and pointless to watch. The performances are adequate at best but that’s only because they have a mediocre script to work with. The washed out picture contributes to the gloomy nature of the film and that’s somewhat unique. Unfortunately, these small pluses don’t make The Day a good film. They only make it somewhat bearable to watch.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

There is an audio commentary with executive producer/director Doug Aarniokoski, producer Guy Danella and writer Luke Passmore. There is also a trailer for the film.

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