Guilty Pleasures

Everyone wants true love. It’s a fact of life. Romance novels published by Harlequin, Mills & Boon entice readers and make them think that they, like the characters in the books will find their soul mates. PBS and filmmaker Julie Moggan have explored the relationship everyday people have with fiction and how real life can either be tragic or romantic. Now on DVD, Guilty Pleasures is yours to view. Just make sure you have plenty of chocolates and/or tissues.

Guilty Pleasures focuses on five different groups of people. These people include a woman in India who is an avid romantic novel reader, a woman in Japan who hopes to win a ballroom dancing contest, a couple in England who are looking to add something new to their love life, a model for Mills & Boon who wants nothing more than to meet his twin flame or other half. Lastly, there is a man in the North of England writes romance novels and is quite happy churning out the steamy tales that so many people love to read.

Documentaries are usually about thought-provoking topics. Unfortunately, Guilty Pleasures is not one of these documentaries. Love and fiction are two very interesting subjects but this program doesn’t shine any new light on either one. It tries to be unique and entertaining but many may find it a waste of time. The people featured in Guilty Pleasures seem like nice enough people but the film-making style, camerawork and interviews were just lame and uninteresting. Guilty Pleasures is guilty of one thing and that thing is boredom.

DVD Bonus Features

There are no bonus features for Guilty Pleasures.

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