New York Comic Con 2012 in Review: Day 1

The Jacob Javitz Convention Center, a modern marvel. This gargantuan facility is a few blocks wide and filled with huge chambers and many, many rooms. There is a ton of space for whatever you want. For the purposes of New York Comic Con, that space holds geeks, geeks and the paraphernalia they so adore. This is the seventh year of NYCC and it seems that with every year, the crowd grows bigger. Thousands of pop culture enthusiasts congregate here for what is one of the biggest entertainment events of the year.

Day 1 was rather tame as it started at 3pm. I entered and recieved my badge, a card granting my access to a temple of awesomeness. Once inside, I walked around to familiarize myself with the massive Javitz Center. The showroom floor was like a comic book/toy store exploded and all the fun goodies blanketed the area. There were video game booths and comic book displays. I made my way to toy store booth, that of Jordan Hembrough, star of The Travel Channel’s Toy Hunters. I had the privilege of interviewing the Indiana Jones of toy-collecting and found out some rather fascinating things about the wonderful world of action figures.

I also attended two interesting panels. The first one was “Comics Pros and Film Buffs: When Fanboys Collide” and its panel of speakers discussed comics and film and how these two worlds often intersect. I also attended “Boys and Their Toys – The Incredible Resurgence of the 1/6 Scale Action FIgure” and it basically featured collectors and toymakers who salivate at the site of vintage 1/6 scale action figures. The G.I. Joe-sized action figure seems to be making a comeback thanks to these clever panelists.

All in all, day 1 was a huge success. Being back at the Javitz Center was a lovely thing. It is officially a yearly tradition and I look forward to the Con every Fall. The sights, the costumes, the swag, all of it is truly exciting. You arrive in the morning and you leave at night and the many hours spent at the Con are filled with fun, fun and even more fun. Day 1 is over and this is just the beginning.

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