New York Comic Con 2012 in Review: Day 2

After easing into Day 1 of the New York Comic Con and re-familiarizing myself with the terrain of the Jacob Javitz Center, I was ready to tackle Day 2. Friday, October 12 was a day which saw an increased number in Con attendance. Nearing the work-free weekend, people flocked to the Con in an attempt to soak up all the geeky awesomeness which included celebrity appearances by Christopher Lloyd, Briana Evigan, and more, panels and whatnot. With many panels, the ones I attended on day 2 were very film and TV-oriented.

The first panel I had the pleasure of attending was about film, TV and video game scoring because without music, a piece of media may lack the emotional depth it requires to make an artistic impact. Each panelist offered their thoughts and experience expressing how difficult the scoring industry can be.

There was a screening of a documentary about the history of the Batmobile. This panel provided a rundown of all the Batmobiles used in the Batman films. The evolution of the Dark Knight’s primary form of transportation was fascinating and the panelists basically said that the vehicle is almost as much a character as the caped crusader himself. This panel was actually where I met Michael Uslan (executive producer of all the Batman films since 1989!) After I geeked out with him for a bit, I enjoyed the Comic Book Men panel which featured a well-spoken Kevin Smith who talked about his show Comic Book Men and went into some detail about the show’s genesis. Smith also spent some time talking about his film career and how he is content and doesn’t really have anything left to say. The talented filmmaker, as well as the entire panel of comic book men were hysterical. Their banter was a definite highlight of the day.

Comedy Central had a very crowded panel as they unveiled the average The Kroll Show with Nick Kroll, among other new programs. The shows they unveiled didn’t really offer anything new and it was a bit of a letdown. Actress Briana Evigan and the crew behind the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series gave us a taste of the dark and violent series. The show actually looks rather promising.  But the highlight of the day was definitely the Christopher Lloyd Q&A where the aged character actor spent a good 45 minutes talking about filming, getting into character and sharing anecdotes from his long career. Fans’ questions were answered as they took Mr. Lloyd down memory lane with questions regarding Back to the FutureThe Addams Familyand Taxi. Lloyd, a true professional, gave the audience an incredible memory as he spoke about being Doc Brown, Uncle Fester and Reverend Jim. He seemed surprised and delighted at his fans’ questions, a feeling shared by the many adoring fans who occupied the room.

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