New York Comic Con Round-Up: Bruce Timm, A Legendary Afterparty, and a Very Spidey Sunday

Saturday started out as a party, well sort of. I interviewed two notable members of the DC animated universe. The first was producer/animator Bruce Timm, a legend in the animation game. His work on Batman: The Animated Series is the stuff of legends and during a roundtable interview, I sat with other journalists, soaking in all the awesomeness that is Bruce Timm. He talked about his career, his current projects and where he wants to go from there. Much of the same occurred with my interview of Andrea Romano, casting director for much of the DC animated universe. I also interviewed Briana Evigan about Grimm Fairy Tales and got to learn about the talented actress’ current projects.

The day was long but then, so was the night. I had the privilege of attending a Comic Con after-party hosted by Legendary Entertainment and Nerdist Industries. There was an open bar, free food, a flip book maker and a crowd of people, most of whom came to Slate (the name of venue) to decompress from a long day Comic Con-ness. I met some cool, interesting people and enjoyed the free grub. I also ran into Ron Livingston of Office Space-fame. All in all, it was a night to remember and thanks to Legendary Entertainment, the party was in a word, legendary.

After a long and fun Saturday night, it was back to the Javits Center for the fourth and final day of the New York Comic Con. I was a little sad this day, not only because of my lack of sleep but because this was the last day of my favorite pop culture event. All good things must come to an end but hey, there’s always next year. Everyday, I try to live my life with the geeky attitude that makes life worth living.

Sunday, was the last day of the Con. This was true but it was also a day reserved primarily for kids. Geeky parents would bring their innocent and impressionable little ones to the Javits Center to expose them to a world of adventure, fun and excitement. There were costume contests and tiny superheroes roaming the premises all day.

There was also a special event at the large IGN Theater and that special event was the 50th birthday celebration of Spider-Man. Fans, both young and old were treated to a very special performance from the cast of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, teaching fans both young and old to move like the famous wall-crawler. There was also a screening of an episode from DisneyXD’s animated Ultimate Spider-Man. This was a truly special event for two reasons, the first since Spider-Man is now half a century old and that kids can learn and appreciate the huge impact this iconic superhero has on pop culture.

With four days of nothing but pure, unadulterated geekiness, New York Comic Con has now come to a close. Thousands of comic book, movie, TV and video gaming-geeks graced the Javits Center with their presence. Friendships and memories were made. People go to conventions like this for many reasons, to have fun, meet new likeminded people and to be who they truly are… geeks.

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