Pioneers of Television

Television is a medium that has grown and endured for many decades. People switch on their tubes and entertainment and information radiate from this seemingly magical box. PBS has put together a wonderful program which details the history of television, the shows and the actors who have made it all possible. Season three of Pioneers of Television is now available on DVD and if you want to learn about TV in an interesting light then this is the program for you.

Pioneers of Television: Season Three is a two-disc set which gives viewers an in depth look into some of TV’s landmark shows and moments. There are four episodes in this DVD set and they are Funny LadiesSuperheroesPrimetime Soaps and lastlyMiniseries. Each of these episodes are intriguing and will leave you with a little bit of knowledge. There are interviews and archival footage which comprise the program.

You will learn about Lucille Balle and Carol Burnett, how they overcame sexism and humored many. Adam West and Lou Ferrigno talk about how their superheroic characters inspired kids to overcome bullying. Learn how shows like Dallas andRoots kept audiences on the edge of their seats, waiting for next week’s episode. These are just some of the many classic moments which have mad television one of history’s most treasured forms of entertainment. Pioneers of Television is simply great and its educational value is something that even the most casual of TV-viewers can enjoy.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for Pioneers of Television: Season Three are pretty light. There are just some bonus scenes and that’s it.

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