Private Practice: The Complete Fifth Season

Medical dramas are a hot commodity on television these days. Private Practice is one example and a rather good one at that as a spinoff of the even more wildly popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. These two shows feature attractive actors who deal with each other romantically, professionally, etc. Grey’s Anatomy is a soap opera through and through and Practice Practice is unquestionably an extension of that soapiness.

As stated, the cast of Private Practice is a good-looking one; it includes talented actors ranging from 30 years-old to their mid 50s. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) runs the practice and it includes doctors ranging from general surgery to pediatrics to neurosurgery to psychiatry. Each doctor is highly skilled in their field but that doesn’t mean that they are without their flaws. The main characters know exactly what they are doing in the O.R. but once they take their scrubs off, drama erupts and the soapy operatic elements occur.

Season five of Private Practice contains 22 absorbing episodes on 5 neatly packaged discs. Each episode tells the story of at least one character and the most intense and entertaining story revolves around a neurologist struggling with substance abuse. The acting done by Caterina Scorsone and the rest of the cast is sensational and an absolute delight.

Another plot in the set involves a pediatrician (Paul Adelstein) and a son he had no idea about. The two of them bond, build a solid father-son relationship and provide for very heartwarming TV. Private Practice is a refreshing medical drama which doesn’t go for cheesy melodrama or over the top action. It’s a show about people and all the drama that comes their way.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for Private Practice: The Complete Fifth Season are pretty good. There is a featurette called The Practice of Parenthood which features the filmmakers and cast discussing having children and the effect parenthood has on people. There are also deleted scenes and bloopers.

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