Rescue 3D

In recent times, heroes have shone very brightly. With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, brave men and women have stepped up to save those you need saving and to help those who need helping. The fascinating documentary Rescue 3D takes viewers on a harrowing journey via plane, helicopter and ship to assist those in danger and also, to give hope.

Rescue 3D follows first responders from all over the world who rendevous in Haiti when a 7.0 earthquake cripples the nation. Military and medical officials save the day with state-of-the-art transportation and technology. The sheer bravery and selflessness is what this film is all about. The beauty of people helping people is what Rescue 3D brings to the table and the results are simply breathtaking.

Filmed in high definition and 3D (for those who have 3D capabilities), this film definitely makes great use of one’s Blu-ray player. The picture quality is flawless and the audio is a treat. Rescue 3D may be a documentary but it feels like a big budget feature film. In fact, it might be more gripping since it features real-life events. The high definition will make you feel like you are right there with first responders, cleaning up debris, supplying food and water and saving the injured.Rescue 3D would be a welcome edition on anyone’s Blu-ray shelf. It is adventurous, eye-opening and at times, educational.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

The bonus features for Rescue 3D are pretty unimpressive. There is “About the Rescuers” which contains interviews and background information about the film’s heroes and there are various trailers.

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