Storage Wars: Texas

For some reason, shows which involve auctions and appraising seem to be very popular. Antiques Roadshow started things off in England in 1979 and since then, the United States has taken a hint and started a similar program: Storage Wars on A&E. A spin-off called Storage Wars: Texas premiered in 2011 and the show is highly entertaining because of its reality television nature. Audiences gobble this type of programming up and season one of Storage Wars: Texas is now out on DVD.

The show features a colorful cast of individuals who bid on abandoned storage units, hoping to make a profit from selling the units’ contents which sometimes include valuable antiques. Each vulture…err…buyer has the items in each unit inspected to see how much money they can get for said item. Set in Texas, this show shows just how much sweat the human body can generate. There is drama and humor, the staples of any fine reality show. The fun cast includes seasoned buyers “The Rangers” (Ricky & Bubba), “The Outsider” (Victor), “The Boss” (Lesa) “The Doc” (Moe) and auctioneer Walt.

Storage Wars: Texas is an interesting show for two reasons. The first reason is the knowledge bestowed by appraisers who educate the buyers and viewers about just what each item is and how much money they can squeeze out of each item. The second aspect of the show that provides for good television is the drama. These buyers are at times, blood thirsty, acting sneaky and downright rude. It’s called Storage WARS for a reason. The DVD contains 16 episodes spread out over 2 discs and the results are actually a lot of fun. Giddy up!

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