Supporting Characters

Dramedies are the perfect film genre to convey realism. Life is both, at times funny and sad. The dramedy portrays this fact perfectly and Supporting Characters is a fine example of this genre. Films like this are heavy on both dialogue and sincere performances. It’s a story about relationships in New York City. The characters are neurotic and their lines flow naturally with ease and authenticity. Woody Allen would be proud.

Supporting Characters focuses on two film editor/best friends Nick (Alex Karpovsky) and Darryl (co-writer Tarik Lowe). Both of these men are struggling to edit a train wreck of a film as they each simultaneously attempt to salvage their love lives. The film’s real spotlight is on Nick as he begins falling for the film within the film’s beautiful star. Sexual tension and bittersweet life lessons abound.

Alex Karpovsky (Girls) is an absolute delight as the quirky everyman Nick. He is reflection of almost every run-of-the-mill male New Yorker. When seeing the character of Nick attempting to dodge awkward moments and salvage both his professional and personal life, one might be reminded of David Schwimmer, Ben Stiller or Jerry Seinfeld. All three of these neurotic funnymen are mirrored by Karpovsky.

The rest of the cast is also good but not nearly as memorable as Karpovsky. Tarik Lowe (One Life to Live) gives a charming performance as Nick’s best friend Darryl. You can really tell these characters are close and the things they share and the jokes they exchange feel real. Their relationship is what truly carries the film.

Sophia Takal (V/H/S) gives an annoying performance as Nick’s ditzy girlfriend. Kevin Corrigan (Superbad) adds some humor as the film within the film’s screwy director. But out of all the supporting cast, the brightest star comes in the form of Arielle Kebbel (90210). She is a vision, an incredibly sexy actress who manages to complicate Nick’s already complicated life.

Screenwriters Tarik Lowe and Daniel Schechter have crafted a story that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Thirtysomethings in Manhattan going through the many trials and tribulations life has to offer. Each line of dialogue is so good. The actors speak them as if they were making it up on the spot. That sense of realism is what makes this a quality film. Nothing is forced or overdone. It simply is.

Alex Karpovsky anchors the film firmly with his offbeat New Yorkish personality. He is definitely the actor to watch in the near future. He has a style reminiscent of the other quirky actors mentioned above and once can’t take their eyes off the screen when he’s on it. The same can be said about Arielle Kebbel who is a true knockout in every sense of the word. Not only is she a gorgeous woman but she is smart and funny. She is definitely a star and her performance here is solid proof of that.

Human relationships are what comprise Supporting Characters. Everyone on Earth is a supporting character to one another. This film focuses on a handful of people who clash with and embrace one another. The point of the dramedy is to shed light on people and the problems they face everyday. Other people, dialogue and actions are what all human beings deal with. This film explores life on a small scale. There are no special effects, elaborate sets or a robust musical score. There are only the actors, the script and the camera following them on their individual journeys.

Supporting Characters is a quality film through and through. It doesn’t try too hard and that is really refreshing this day and age. All of the actors give subdued performances reminiscent of real life. You will honestly feel as though you know these characters in the flesh. Love, pain, laughs and awkwardness are ever present in the film. This is a movie about a people being people. What more can you want?

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