The Autism Enigma

Autism is a common neurological disorder found in many people. It affects social interaction, communication and behavior, and as early as the age of three, children can start to experience the disorder’s effects. Research into finding treatment and hopefully, a cure is an ongoing mission. In the fascinating documentary The Autism Enigma, scientists and families work together to help battle autism for the many people who are affected by it.

The Autism Enigma focuses primarily on two families and highlights their struggles and progress with autism. Each of these families contain children who  have the disorder and the documentary sheds some light on their day to day life, their behavior and their development. The parents who care for their autistic kids are strong and hopeful that modern science will improve their lives. The major point The Autism Enigma makes is that that there are microbes in a person’s gut that may actually be the cause of autism. With this scientific data, families worldwide can benefit. Hope comes in the form of science and this proves to be a truly wonderful thing.

Shot very well, with important information and a topic that many people may find of particular interest, The Autism Enigma is an exceptional documentary that can play a major role in educating and helping people who struggle with this disorder. Running only 52 minutes long, The Autism Enigma is a program of great value. It is now out on DVD and what a relief it is.

DVD Bonus Features

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features for The Autism Enigma.

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