The Other Dream Team

During the 1992 Summer Olympics, the Lithuanian basketball team brought great pride to their country. They received the Bronze medal for their heroic efforts against Michael Jordan and the USA team. Having been a newly independent nation at the time, Lithuania’s journey to freedom and into the Olympics is certainly one for the books. The absorbing documentary The Other Dream Team is a program rich with history, emotion and entertainment.

Throughout the course of The Other Dream Team, viewers will get a detailed look into the odyssey of Lithuania’s pro basketball team. Various players from the 1988 and 1992 teams give their testimony, painting a vivid picture of their rise to victory. The documentary highlights the team’s triumphs on the court while at the same time, their national independence was won from the then Soviet Union.

The Other Dream Team is a miraculous story which is not too well-known. The human spirit, athletic strength and national pride are all highlighted here. This DVD is for sports junkies and history buffs alike. Lithuania’s story is told in glorious detail and it is a story rich with intensity, laughs and tears. If you are in the mood for an interesting history lesson featuring some great basketball moments, then it is highly recommended that you give The Other Dream Team a shot.

DVD Bonus Features

The bonus features for The Other Dream Team, like the Lithuanian team are pretty strong. There is a feature-length audio commentary with director Marius A. Markevicius and producer Jon Weinbach. There is also a Q&A with Markevicius and Weinbach as well as some trailers.

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